We see you cruisin’ on Route 16 amazed by all the new additions to the town, while heading to Franklin or Framingham to ship out that return for Amazon you’ve had in your car for the past week. Still haven’t discovered that shipping store next to that boat yard in Mendon? Save yourself on the gas, pump the breaks and turn into our spacious parking lot. One of our local employees can assist you with your shipping needs.  We provide everything you need from shipping services through UPS | FedEx, private mailboxes (PMB), shipping supplies, fax and lamination services, printing services and much more all in one location. We make it easy and simple; we will even give you a free estimate over the phone. So come on in and let us help you clear some space.

Have a business? Save some money with our private mailboxes (PMB). Starting as low as $25 for 6 months! You can’t beat that value.

15 Uxbridge Road Mendon, MA. 01756